Synergies are our strategic advantage

They are the base of our continuous growth and innovation, and build the know-how of a leader with visible results. We are best defined by open cooperation internally as well as with external parties. The high standard of our services serves customers, communities and owners.

The Group's management steers its activities and development in a strategic and investment-oriented way with the goal of providing reliable and increasingly competitive comprehensive services/solutions.

Alexandra Broszová

Alexandra Broszová


Alexandra became the Chair of the Board of Directors of the transport company Railtrans International as early as 2013. Since 2020, also in the position of Chair of the Board, she has been in charge of strategic management of the production company Nymwag CS. Two years later, due to her extensive experience in the field of railway business development, she was appointed to a management position of the Richardi Transport Group, first as a member and later as Chair of the Board.

She is the chair of several executive and supervisory bodies within the AZC Group and covers activities related to financial aspects of strategic planning implementation.

Alexandra has in the past been in charge of financial management and treasury, and managed the relationships of several AZC group companies with banks and the financial sector. She is currently a member of the Group’s top management and is primarily responsible for comprehensive development and coordination of the investment process within the Group, as well as assessment and management of acquisitions.

Alexandra graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava.
Petr Vlček

Petr Vlček

Business Development Director

Petr became a member of the Richardi Transport Group management in 2022. He is also an executive top manager and Vice-Chair of the Board of Nymwag CS, which, mainly thanks to his experience, became No. 3 on the European market shortly after the production roll-out. He has over 20 years of experience in managing medium-sized and large companies in the fields of logistics and engineering.

From his previous management jobs, Petr brought rich experience with numerous M&A transactions such as analyses, project management, financial and controlling management, crisis management and subsequent standard company process implementation.

He graduated from the Prague University of Economics and Business.


Trains are our passion.

We operate as a “family business”.

We carry out our business operations in a responsible and reliable way.

Our priorities are effectiveness, top quality and safety.


Our team is bound by the following values:


Cooperation and Sharing






When looking for low-emission transportation, we are an irreplaceable alternative for our partners.

We are constantly looking for new investment opportunities and valuable / team up partnerships both within Europe and worldwide.

We meet the set objectives through continuous growth and innovation.

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